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Unions 21

About us

Modern and historical examples show us that societies are more equal and provide better opportunities when higher proportions of workers are part of trade unions.  Yet, unions are in long-term decline in either membership or in delivering outcomes for workers.  

This decline can be partly attributed to purposeful governmental policy and crack downs.  But it is also clear that the rapid changes in the world around us have presented a major challenge to the way unions work. 

We give unions insight, connections and help to navigate the changes affecting them now and in the future. 

Unions 21 is an inclusive and collaborative space where unions and trade union centres are welcomed regardless of size or sector.

Unions 21 team

Executive Director Becky Wright

Working with Unions 21 and our unions

Associate Director, External Relations Matt Ball
Senior Associate Victoria Barlow
Senior Associate Duncan Robertson
Senior Associate, Governance Jim McAuslan
Associate Damon Silvers
Associate Katherine Bassey
Associate Simon Sapper


Chair Dave Penman
Vice Chair Sarah Woolley
Vice Chair Martin Furlong
Treasurer Dean Rogers
Trustee Helen Kelly
Trustee Chris Morris
Trustee Niamh Sweeney
Trustee Paul Day
Trustee Kate Dearden
Trustee Hardev Sohal

Unions who support us