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Unions 21 Masterclass 'Creating engaging email and social media content'

If you're interested in learning more about 'Using digital to keep in touch' you might want to read our publication 'Roadmap To Trade Union Renewal' and our blog 'Refining digital strategy' by Duncan Robertson

Over the past few weeks, Unions 21 have heard from colleagues on: how to create a digital strategy which meets your strategic aims; what messaging works in a crisis; what tools are available for virtual organising; and how to hold meetings online. To complement the series, this webinar will look at how to best use email and social media channels when engaging key audiences.

How can you learn what content works well in engaging your unions’ key audiences? What insights can we share on what we’ve learned working with members, reps and stakeholders?

We’ll build on our previous webinar on how to create a digital plan to focus on how to create compelling email and social media content. We’ll share insights from our own experiences of creating content for various unions to start your thinking.

Watch the Unions 21 webinar on creating engaging email and social media content with Vic Barlow, communications and membership consultant, and Duncan Robertson, digital and social media expert, both with long-standing experience of working with trade unions.

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