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Unions 21

Unions 21 Masterclass 'Using digital to keep in touch with members'

If you're interested in learning more about 'Using digital to keep in touch' you might want to read our publication 'Roadmap To Trade Union Renewal' and our blog 'Getting the right digital tools' by Henry Skewes

Business as usual for unions has gone out the window. The best-laid plans for 2020 which set out what unions wanted to achieve had to be ditched, rethought or radically altered. But unions still need to deliver value for members and recruit new ones.

How do we continue to engage members during the coronavirus pandemic when you can’t meet them in their workplace? How do we in this difficult time re-engage members and reinforce why being in a union is so important?

This Unions 21 webinar looks at how Prospect have approached keeping in touch with members during this difficult time.

It will cover:

  • Online events – how Prospect engaged members online in such a short time frame

  • Their tips for setting up productive and engaging online events and meetings to keep in touch with members

Watch the Unions 21 Webinar below, 'Using digital to keep in touch with members' with Stuart Hill, Digital Marketing Manager at Prospect.

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