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Changing World of Work - what does it mean for unions?

The UK labour market is changing. Can unions adapt with the times?

In 2017 we looked at where work may grow; in what occupations and in what industries will we see workers? The sectors we highlighted in the report have mostly grown in line with our forecasting (with some interesting slight divergences) which prompted the question 'post pandemic, where will people be working? Will anything change?'

While we saw total employment being hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, latest forecasts suggest that underlying trends will revert and moving forward, the top three job areas of growth will be:

Health and social care (driven by social care)

Hospitality (particularly food and beverage services)

Support services (which cover a range of activities providing operational support)

It is important to also highlight that in some sectors we'll see compositional shift in occupation and the total share of self employment is expected to grow.

Read the report or you can watch the launch here

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