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Unions 21
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Trade Unions And The Process Of Change with Betsy Dillner, Dean Rogers

Episode length: 48:30:00

The Change Challenge is sometimes defined as knowing things have to be different but not how to make them so.

Trade unions and other membership organisations often find the appetite for change in a “light bulb” moment usually accompanied by some kind of organisational crisis – the same point at which many are running for cover under well-worn security blankets.

Yet if the only thing that is inevitable and constant is change, how can unions make it work both for their organisation and their members?

In the new Unions21 podcast, Becky and Simon discuss all this and more with change experts and gurus Betsy Dillner, Principle Director of the Social Change Agency, and Dean Rogers, Director of Industrial Strategy at the Society of Radiographers. Dean’s case study involves the National Association of Probation Officers

If you have examples of change initiatives in your organisation, we’d love to hear about it:

The Unions21 podcast is a Makes-You-Think production. Music by the Computer Music All Stars, used on a Creative Commons.

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