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Unions 21

Innovation and change

In the last twenty years the pace of social, economic and technological change has been unprecedented. This is set to continue, and today, across the social and economic spectrum we are getting used to services on demand, instant communication and with in aspects of the political process, less central control. This theme therefore seeks to address some of the difficulties that unions may experiencing in adapting and changing their operating models to reflect the ‘new business’ while maintaining core values.

Current work

Future of Unions

Despite decline, unions are needed today more than ever with Brexit, automation and globalisation all having far reaching consequences for the future of the word of work. Renewal has to be underpinned by three principles: today’s unions are responsible for putting things right; reflection and debate are a force for good and need to be promoted; structures are a function of purpose. How do we overcome barriers such as the way in which we are organised, stretched resources and union politics to remain relevant?

Past work

Trade Unions Online

A two fold approach exploring the reality of unions data gathering and handling and its efficacy coupled with digital approaches to achieving wider union objectives.