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Unions 21

New workers

In the upcoming period, it is clear that not only will the economic landscape change, but the types of work will alter. As a consequence unions will find membership decline in some areas, a shift of employer and organisation and also new areas untapped. Within this theme we will explore where the new jobs will be, who the workers are and evaluate the prospects for collective organisation.

Current project

We will be working with SPERI to explore:

  • What are young people’s attitudes towards their economic circumstances and economic futures – and how do these differ from older age groups?

  • Is there evidence that the crisis (and policy responses) triggered change in attitudes, behaviour or expectations among young people, or was the crisis seen as a routine part of economic life?

  • How are traditional industrial relations, including the role of trade unions, seen by today’s young people?

  • To what extent are today’s young people prepared to challenge prevailing economic circumstances by mobilising to establish alternative forms of employment?

Past project


Highlight the growing employment areas, employment relationships and social views on unions.